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How I love August!

2010-08-09 14:52:35 by LiLg

Good news as always:

I'm a semifinalist with my Demon Mobile at HERE

I released the new Reincarnation: The Clergy of Unholy

Have the 48 Hour Film Fest this week in New Orleans.

And at the end of the month is my birthday.

I've already started on Reincarnation 4. Do you know what that means?

Finally, if you haven't entered the B-movie poster contest yet than you should ASAP. It ends on the 11th. I'll be one of the judges so I wanna see some good stuff!

New Game coming out soon-ish + backers

2010-07-28 13:39:21 by LiLg

Got a new Reincarnation all Drawn up and being coded now. Should be online by Monday. It's going to be called Reincarnation: The Clergy of Unholy. It'll have 6 scenes or the demon to walk around in which is one more than the original Reincarnation. However, I'm still calling it a mini because it doesn't compete with the 13 scenes in LTETR.

I still need backers over at my site for the demon dolls. Right now I'm currently at ZERO backers, so, I think I'm doing pretty well... :/

If you would like to be one of the first backers then click here!

I also have a design n a competition over at for a smart car. You can check that out here.

New Game coming out soon-ish + backers

Free Comic Give away and CellCraft Controversy

If you're a fan of B-group Productions on Facebook then you already know about the one free comic give away for iTunes. If you aren't a fan, join now. I'll be giving away a promotional code to get the first reincarnation comic on iTunes. I'll be giving these away each day until I've released the next "mini" Reincarnation which has more scenes and things to do than A Demon's Day Out.

Today's code is to be redeemed here: EKHRP73LPH9X (It's probably already been taken.)

As far as CellCraft, the game is doing incredibly well and I wanted to thank everyone for supporting it. However, it has been getting some (negative?) publicity.

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People over the net are coming up with all sorts of conspiracy theories about the game and it's reasoning. Which is good because it's driving high volume of players to the game, but it's taking away from the real reason we made the game. We didn't make a game for personal agendas or views. We created a game that would teach people about how a cell works. Everyone is entitled to their own views... That being said. Have fun with the game and learn about cells (if you want.)

Big news. I've been working on a game now for over a year called CellCraft, and I'm happy to say it's finally out. It takes place on a distant planet where the creatures who dwell there are trying to save their species. You must learn how a cell works and defend against different types of viruses as you grow your cell and save a species.

Play the Game here.

Also, I'm still needing backers for my Reincarnation Kickstarter project. I haven't really been advertising to much for this project besides on here and on facebook. I'm looking for fans to help kick start the creation of the voice touch demon doll.

Back the idea with $15 or more and receive a doll once they are done with production.

Finally, I got a Reincarnation coming out late July / Beginning of August.

Sign up at out our fan page on Facebook for faster updates on projects.

Help bring evil to life. Reincarnation.

2010-06-30 12:52:31 by LiLg


I've set up an account at to get backers to support the creation of the Reincarnation demon doll. The doll will be about 6 to 7 inches tall and have a voice box in it so that when you squeeze it, it'll say something about being EVIL!

You can donate now at Bring evil to life.
Go watch the video at the link and you can see some sketches from "A Hillbilly Holiday."

By donating 15$ or more, you automatically pre-order a doll. You have until August 23, 2010 to donate/pre-order. They'll probably be done with production by December as a nice Holiday gift.

Let me know if there are any other goodies I can give to packers to get some support!

Also, I've started a new mini (I use this term loosely because it's going to have a bunch of different areas to explore.) I refuse to call it a big game, because I need to release the next big game before I do another "big one."

It should be out by the end of July. Thanks for being a fan!

Nude No More

2010-06-17 15:28:41 by LiLg

HAHAHA - I jest.

However I am promoting my t-shirt design at
Vote for it here!

Also, In the Name of Evil is doing AWESOME. The medals are finally working right so go get them now!
Play Reincarnation (mini3): In the Name of Evil

I've seen the first level of LTETR and it looks awesome. I look forward to that release!

-That is all-

We've just finished up another mini in the Reincarnation series. As I do more and more of these games, it seems like the minis keep getting bigger and bigger which is good for the players cuz it's almost like you get a full game at one point.

As far as LTETR, I've actually seen some progress on the game and it's looking good. I believe level 1 is almost complete. I just finished up the final movie in it as well. It truely is my goal to get this game out to you guys before 2010 is over and be able to actually start full time on R4 which I've already started sketching out.

New Reincarnation mini in less than a week!

mmm taste that late night post

2010-05-25 00:24:55 by LiLg

So, besides wanting a big bowl of milk and cereal, I just felt the need to post something. Is that so wrong?

I got the ball rolling again with Reincarnation (3): Let the evil times roll. (I know. I know... I suck for the delay!)

I've got another mini reincarnation in the mix right now too.

I've got a completed game that needs a sponsorship over at: So if you know anyone that sponsors games than shoot them this link.

I'm attaching a promotional video of the game as a teaser to what's to come:

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I've also been going through some of my older (unfinished) projects and decided to maybe began work on them again. I have a plan to do 12 games in 12 months but as the year reaches it's 6th month, I'm seeing that to be more and more of a challenge. I'll keep trying because it's my only personal goal of the year now.

I'm kinda impressed with how well A Hillbilly Holidayis doing so thanks to everyone who voted and got it with such a high score. I'll keep the series up as long as I keep having great fans like y'all. As far as LTETR, it's still slowly getting done. I know it's been over a year since the last Reincarnation and it's killing me to not have released it yet.

I'm also having another game coming out on May 11th. It's really super cool and took over a year to make so I'm really hoping everyone will enjoy it. Look out for it! It'll be called CellCraft.

I'm also in need of a coder for another project I put away in the closet back in 2007 but it's got such nice graphics that I really wanna pull it back out and get the ball rolling on it. I'll be needing a good coder to program the game so please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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Demon Plushie

2010-03-30 14:13:28 by LiLg

So I need some help from the fans...

I'm thinking about getting some demon plushies made with a voice box inside them. Would anyone be interested in this and if so, what would be a reasonable price for a 6 to 8 inch doll of the Demon from my Reincarnation series?

PS - New Reincarnation game coming out in April. I'm hoping it's R3, but if that isn't done, I'll release another mini called A Hillbilly Holiday.