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I'm in the top 5 of a contest for Kraft cheese! Need votes

2007-11-27 22:24:15 by LiLg

Hey everyone.

I made it to the top 5 with my Kraft cheese commercial. I'm asking all my newground fans and all fans of flash to go vote for my film at I have a chance at 50 thousand dollars and a chance for my toon to be turned into a commercial which would be really great to win! My video is the 4th one over on the main page. It's going to have a Toast sandwich standing next to a tanning bed.

You can vote once per day till December 10th.
I really appreciate all the support so far, and I will keep everyone updated on the results!

Chris Gianelloni

New short toon for KRAFT cheese!

2007-11-06 23:22:42 by LiLg

Hey everyone.

I just posted another new contest entry onto Myspace for a contest involving Kraft Singles.

I recommend the flash community to enter this contest and put some very high quality entries in there.
Also. I'd love every who reads this to go vote BOOYAH! (yes) for my video. I hope you enjoy it.

The video can be found at this link:

Kraft Singles Contest entry from me! Please vote!

A contest entry for the storytellerchallenge on

2007-10-22 23:10:37 by LiLg

WEB 2.0

Hey everyone. Been putting off flash videos for a while to work on a contest entry that we entered on The contest entails the creation of a new pilot for fox to pick from. The video could only by 7 minutes long at most.

In this episode, Martin and Vince get their first gig that may be more than what they can handle. It also doesn't help that Vince smells unpleasant to their new clients.

I'd really like some comments on the clip of the pilot. All input is good :)

-C. Gianelloni

Attention all web designers,

I'm looking for a new look to my page right now it is all flash, but I was hoping someone out there would be willing to help to make it a HTML/CSS site. I'll be able to do ll the images/graphics.

Now, you may be saying: What is in it for me? Well, I was thinking I could link you up on the pages and have it so your site gets even more hits or I could help out with graphics on some project you are working on.

If you are interested in this project, then contact me on AIM at BgroupProduction, E-mail me at, or PM me on here.

-C. Gianelloni


2007-08-20 01:41:48 by LiLg

Well, in case anyone is interested, my friend Casper just posted a long thing about the new game that we are working on. Since i'm lazy, I'm just going to repost what he has already put so wonderfully.

Hey people!

Yes I am aware that Lilg and I have been talking about this sequel for a loooooong time, but now were serious. Griswold the Goblin 2 has begun full on production and we've made a lot of progress on the game so far and the whole storyline has been written up. So far we can't give any information on a release date since the game is still very incomplete, but were hoping to get it done some time this year, we can't make any promises just yet.

This time around Griswold will be traveling to many more different places, taking on whole new challenges and the game is going to be packed full of action sequences and awesome mini games. The game concept we had put together was so big that we have been forced to split the game up into 6 different chapters, each being in a totally different location in Griswold's world.

Lilg's graphics are truly inspirational in this one. His talents never cease to amaze me and this time the graphics will blow your socks off. Each scene is entirely different with no re-used elements such as trees and shrubs. If you remember from the old game each scene pretty much had the same graphics copied into each scene. Griswold 2 will be very different with every detail in the game drawn from scratch. A few characters from the old game will be making appearances in this game and have been re-drawn in much greater detail.

The interface in Griswold 2 is much more appealing for the user, with everything entirely point and click, so no more trying to control movement with the keys and interacting with the mouse. Everything is done with the mouse, and moving about is as simple as clicking on the screen and Griswold will do the rest. I've spent a lot of time working on the path finding system so Griswold will make his way around all the obstacles on screen. Also there are tonnes of other new and nifty features.

If you're interested in possibly checking out a demo version, please feel free to email me at Also I'd love it if you could leave some suggestions for the game, or tell me what you think of this new project of ours.

Hopefully you're as excited as we are about seeing this project finished and up on good old newgrounds for everyone to enjoy.


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