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LiLg's News

Posted by LiLg - May 4th, 2010

I'm kinda impressed with how well A Hillbilly Holidayis doing so thanks to everyone who voted and got it with such a high score. I'll keep the series up as long as I keep having great fans like y'all. As far as LTETR, it's still slowly getting done. I know it's been over a year since the last Reincarnation and it's killing me to not have released it yet.

I'm also having another game coming out on May 11th. It's really super cool and took over a year to make so I'm really hoping everyone will enjoy it. Look out for it! It'll be called CellCraft.

I'm also in need of a coder for another project I put away in the closet back in 2007 but it's got such nice graphics that I really wanna pull it back out and get the ball rolling on it. I'll be needing a good coder to program the game so please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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Posted by LiLg - March 30th, 2010

So I need some help from the fans...

I'm thinking about getting some demon plushies made with a voice box inside them. Would anyone be interested in this and if so, what would be a reasonable price for a 6 to 8 inch doll of the Demon from my Reincarnation series?

PS - New Reincarnation game coming out in April. I'm hoping it's R3, but if that isn't done, I'll release another mini called A Hillbilly Holiday.

Posted by LiLg - March 19th, 2010

Go vote now! The Behemoth could use your votes to help beat Blizzard in Round 1!
**Your Facebook account is all you need to vote!**

Also, go play St. Pattack! It's a fun side scrolling button smashing brawler in the time of St. Patrick.

Next months game is ... (I'm gonna have 3 to pick from to release. But feel free to guess which I will release.)

Posted by LiLg - February 22nd, 2010

So, I've been busy over the last year or so working on a couple of games that will hopefully be released real soon. As I've said a million times, I have a pretty good length Reincarnation game coming out called Let the Evil Times Roll. It'll take place in New Orleans post Mardi Gras. I'm about 95% done with the art and I think It'll have a steady coder this go round.

I've also been working on another game that is going to be an educational game which has taken us almost a year now in the making. It's quite awesome if I do say so myself (this has nothing to do with my graphics - it's all awesome on the coding aspects of it.)

Finally, I have another Reincarnation mini that I've been dabbling in. The last one did better than i expected, so, I spent some of my free time working on another. However, this one will be a two scene deal and a little more difficult.

All three of these games should be out within the next three months (fingers crossed)

So, what's next for me... I'm not really sure. I feel like i've been running around in my mind to try to find the next big idea but I am feeling quite uncreative as of lately. Shoot, the last big picture I did was in September and since then all I've been doing is doodling in my sketchbook with nothing really do go with. I guess I'll stick to games... I may do another big Reincarnation game because I have an idea for one or I may move on to a whole new project. I'd love to get back into some hardcore animating cuz god knows I sucks at it now.

Posted by LiLg - February 12th, 2010

Yo homies and homiettes,

Got a new game for everyone to check out called Score! Go play it now. It's an old school type based game with a modern twist. Ya'll need a keyboard to play this bad boy.

There is also a walkthrough in the game. To see it, just type "walkthrough"

I got some reincarnations in the mix too. However, ya'll have to wait on those till MAYBE next month.


Posted by LiLg - January 12th, 2010

I talked to the people at Patchtogether.com and got them to lower the cost of the demon figurine. If you have already pre-ordered one this means you still get the discount when your credit card is charged. If you haven't ordered one yet then I think you should!

If you have no idea what Reincarnation is then don't wikipedia (that's so wrong). Go play it here.




I've attached a screen shot of reincarnation 3 (teasers are fun!)

Reincarnation Figurine on sale + teaser!

Posted by LiLg - December 24th, 2009

So first off, I wanna wish everyone a merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I haven't even started wrapping my presents yet so I'm feeling pretty slack-tastic right now, but I'll most likely get that done tonight for Christmas morning tomorrow. I hope everyone gets what they want and remembers to give as well.

On another note, my friend Brian decided he wanted to start doing vlog videos for YouTube so I joined in with him on our first one. It'll probably be pretty boring to you, but I'll post it anyways.

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Finally, I got the Reincarnation comic up for sale at iTunes. Go get yourself a copy today and let me know you purchased one either though a PM, e-mail, or on here.

This will open up iTunes if it is on your computer!

I'm also working on something special for all the fans so stay tuned!

Posted by LiLg - November 14th, 2009

We once again entered the Crash the Super Bowl contest held by Doritos. Check Out the video at this link!

Reincarnation is going well. Still trying to get all the code into the graphics. I'm almost done with the graphics but my new job has been slowing me down a lot on personal projects.

Things you can do in the mean time:

Watch the Doritos commercial
Buy a demon figurine
Watch and play other junk of mine on Newgrounds
Join my facebook fan page

Posted by LiLg - November 6th, 2009

Well, Shoot, man! I'm pushing myself to finish this Reincarnation 3 game by November 20th, and I'm really sorry about the long wait! The game is coming along very nicely and I'm hopeful for more people to enjoy it then ever before.

The final version of the Demon is available now at PatchTogether.com

I went out and got a real job. Wish me luck. :/

Posted by LiLg - October 21st, 2009

Update! (I can't believe I forgot to put this in the original post HA) Reincarnation: Let the Evil Times Roll is about 75 % done! I'm really pushing to get this bad boy done in the next month. I've been slacking on you guys.

Just got the finished prototype for the Reincarnation Demon and it looks amazing!

I still have plenty more sticker and t-shirt packs for anyone who preorders the demon. (remember you have to e-mail me with your receipt of purchase if you want the package and you have to live in the US.)

Order here!

Demon Figurine done!