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Reincarnation Shirts are in.

2010-11-17 11:20:24 by LiLg

Just got the Reincarnation shirts in this morning.

Supplies are limited.

You can order it directly from me or you can go order it off

PM me if you would like to order through me. You will get the shirt a lot quicker.

In other news, the composer for the series, Brian Holmes, is looking for backings for a cd with different remastered tracks + extras from the Reincarnation series.


Reincarnation Shirts are in.

I'll be needing some English translated into Spanish in an upcoming project. If you are bilingual and would like to help out, please send me a PM.

Also, I'm still looking for fan art to showcase in my next Reincarnation game. 31644

In my last game Reincarnation: AHE, I featured a fan picture by TurkeyOnAStick from newgrounds. I'd like to do this in every game released from now on. Each game will feature a new artist or fan that sends in their fan art.

I'm looking for creative pieces that had a decent amount of time spent on them to be featured in the next games.

You can post links here or PM me with a link to your art on the dump site for NG.

PS - Thanks for two great years on this series today! Goal reached

2010-10-13 11:36:11 by LiLg

The goal was reached last night of $6000.00! I'm so glad I don't have to come out of pocket to much more for these dolls. However, If you still want one, you can still back the project at until Halloween or back it at until Christmas. The dolls should start shipping out around Christmas time so get your orders in now.

Thanks to all the fans who help support this project!

The new Reincarnation game (All Hallow's Evil) is coming along nicely. It should be done on time if nothing gets in the way.

***The picture below is the latest prototype - The eyes and mouth are going to be embroidered on in the final version. Those pasties are just placeholders for the manufacturer. Goal reached

Reincarnation and fall

2010-10-05 11:53:16 by LiLg

So, It's that time of year again. Fall weather, Halloween, and a new Reincarnation game?
Yes, yes, and yes. I'm working day and night to get a new Reincarnation game for Halloween. It's going to be a mini, but be about the size of The Clergy Of Unholy. My goal is to release on the same day that A Demon's Day Out was released (10/29/2010).

We still need $400 for the project. Plenty of time left to get it though.
You can donate here: 78730846/reincarnation-bring-evil-to-l ife

PayPal backers here: -The-Doll

Also, I've attached a picture of what the demon doll will look like (approximately). It's the doll with some photoshop mods that I'm getting the company to add and take away from there first prototype.


Reincarnation and fall


So, I've ordered the demon dolls just to get the ball rolling. I won't need to pay until after they are made, but I didn't want this project to roll over into the next year.

I was only going to get 1000 dolls, but now they are saying I need to get a 1000 more because of this sound box in the doll. I'm currently trying to figure out a way to make it so I just need to order 1000pcs.

If you want to help get the dolls made, there are two ways:

PayPal Payments here: -The-Doll

Any other Payments here: 78730846/reincarnation-bring-evil-to-l ife


PS - New game coming out this week.

I'll just post that I could still use backers for my kickstarter project at Bring Evil to Life real quick. I'm at about 57% right now with a ton of time left. Go check out all the cool rewards for helping out.

However, I really wanna mention my friend's Project. His name is Brian Holmes and if you've played any of my games or a ton of other popular games and movies on Newgrounds, then you have most likely heard and enjoyed his music filling the backgrounds with a wonderful and awe inspiring tune. He's looking to make a CD and get new equipment for the project, but he needs people's help. If you want to help out the newgrounds community in any way, this is the project you should back.
link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link. link.

PS - I'm trying to finish up a fun little mini right now called "The Backfire of Hell."

Calender, monthly voting, and free comic!

2010-09-04 11:11:17 by LiLg

Just a quick reminder there is still time to enter the contest over at: 91683. It's for the 2010 Newgrounds calendar. I highly recommend everyone who enjoys newgrounds to submit something to the contest.

You also have time to vote for the Best of the month of August. I have two submissions in there so be a doll and add the two reincarnation games into your list :)

Log in, go to "my account", at the top you will see information about voting (only if you have been an active member throughout the month of August.

Also, I'm at 50% on my backing for the Creation of the Reincarnation Demon Plushies. There is still plenty of time to back the project and pre-order a plushie now. Click here to help the percentage grow and meet the goal!

If you want the reincarnation comic I released on the iphone for free, here are the promotionial codes for that:


Go to the iTunes Promo Redeemer here. Please post if you have used the code and with what code you used.

I took a screen shot of this before LTETR feel from the charts, but it was nice to live in the moment.

Calender, monthly voting, and free comic!

New game and new kickstarter

2010-08-27 17:50:26 by LiLg

First: Go play Reincarnation: Let the Evil Times Roll

Second: Go check out the new project at this link. - This is for the creation of the demon plushie!

Third: Join us on facebook - If you would like to.

Fourth: All the medals are working in TCOU and LTETR

Fifth: Eat some food today.

Sixth: Got a couple new games in the works. Haven't thought of a new mini game for the Reincarnation series, but I am currently working on a new full length one with everything that you guys asked for in the previous ones comments.

Seventh: Go do something.

Eighth: Go join the 2011 Newgrounds Calender Contest. Click. Click. Click.

5 more days / Let the Evil times Roll.

2010-08-17 10:36:34 by LiLg

Hey Everyone!

There are only 5 more days to back my project over at I need about $7,778 left to actually get the money to make the dolls. Otherwise, the money goes back to the backers and the dolls never get made.

Donating gets you all kinds of goodies. Go check them out here!
$1.00 gets your name in the game (LTETR) with a link to your personal website or your Newgrounds user page. That's some cheap ad space!

If everyone who plays the new Reincarnation game donates $1.00, we'll have enough money by the end of the day!.

As far as LTETR, I've seen it pretty much complete! I'm going to have to test it and re-test it, but I'm hoping to have it released within the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for all the support so far on this project! I'll keep making them as long as everyone keeps enjoying them.