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Store, Contest, and YOLO

2013-06-28 14:53:29 by LiLg

The New Reincarnation store with some new items!

Contest: Ends July 3, 2013. Retweet this or Share this on facebook to win a free demon doll.

Demon Village Speed Draw

Store, Contest, and YOLO

Facebook Giveaway

2013-06-19 18:26:32 by LiLg

Want to win a free, talking demon doll? Share this post and be entered into a chance to win one! Only shares get you entered! I'll be using a random name generator on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 10:30 am central time to pick a winner. Best of luck to everyone!

If this is the first time hearing about the Reincarnation series, please feel free to like our page as well!

This is in no way affiliated with Facebook.

Also, you can now get shirts as low as $5! Go to our new Merchandise page to get the amazing deal before they are all gone.

Twitter Giveaway

2013-06-12 14:48:55 by LiLg

I'll be giving away some free demon stickers this week on twitter.

Just retweet this post and be eligible to win. The contest ends a week from yesterday.

I'll probably be doing this same thing with the demon hats when they finally get in.

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Twitter Giveaway

A Small Favor

2013-05-07 12:05:29 by LiLg

ClickShake Games needs your help. Please support their kickstarter at The Small Favor

Why did no one tell me about Flash CS6?!!

2013-04-26 21:31:24 by LiLg

It's simply amazing. They have gotten so good with their vector format. I'm so impressed with it!

Cheap Merchandise

2013-03-07 11:43:04 by LiLg

If anyone is interested in a demon shirt, I'm trying to get rid of some merchandise to make room for the Demon Hats. I have 5 shirts left.


They are 10$ a piece. If you want a doll with it, you can get them both for $15. Contact me on here for more details. Thanks!

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Cheap Merchandise

PS3 Controller mod

2013-02-22 12:18:37 by LiLg

Hats and school

2013-02-01 11:11:05 by LiLg

There is still a little time left to get a discounted demon hat at I think there is about 15 hours left to snag one (or more.)

I also went back to school for CADD, because apparently, a 4 year degree wasn't good enough to get a job. So long dreams of animations...

However, TROAE is still being made. I'm pretty much stretching myself thin.

The Final Hours

2013-01-24 08:37:16 by LiLg


One week left + 2013 plans

2013-01-15 20:47:44 by LiLg

Well, there is only one week left to pre-order your snow cap on Pre-order it now for next winter!

Ok. On to the real diary entry... My plans for 2013 are to finish my Reincarnation game. That's my main goal, but I also want to finish a mobile game I've been working on for a while.

I don't think I'll be releasing anymore Flash games for a while. Maybe one and a demo this year. My main focus is going to be moving over to mobile gaming. Flash just doesn't have the audience that it use to since it can't be played very well on mobile devices. It's a shame because Flash is my baby :(

Anyway, go buy a hat and look out for my games this year.