Entry #131

Why did no one tell me about Flash CS6?!!

2013-04-26 21:31:24 by LiLg

It's simply amazing. They have gotten so good with their vector format. I'm so impressed with it!


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2013-04-26 21:34:01

cuz everyone is using pirated Macromedia 8 still


2013-04-26 21:39:58

You didn't ask.


2013-04-26 21:54:14

CS5.5 Master Race reporting in


2013-04-26 22:15:52

I for one wasn't impressed with it honestly, it was exactly the same as CS5.5, the only difference being that the hotkeys didn't work half the time. I didn't notice any improvements.


2013-04-27 04:06:32

It is pretty efficient.


2013-04-27 05:11:40

They've actually improved this time? I probably won't be getting it in some time, but that'll be something to look forward to.


2013-04-27 05:47:28

hey hows the root of all evil coming
or did i miss the release datw XD


2013-04-27 10:38:24

It crashes 3-5 times a day for me, I don't know what's up.
A lot of the time when I hold Space or Ctrl, it doesn't respond correctly. It's been a big fat stinker for me, the only advantage being that I can open all files CS6 and below.