Entry #165

Anyone going to Dragon Con Next month?

2016-08-18 20:42:20 by LiLg


Long time and no post.  I still visit Newgrounds almost daily, but just haven't been posting.

I had to get one of those "real" jobs, and I have just been doing that and working on TROAE.  Oher than that, I've been traveling around and setting up at comic cons.  My latest con is in Atlanta, GA for Dragon Con.  I'll be there all four days set up in artist alley pushing Reincarnation and my spray paintings.  If you're going to be there and want to say hi, stop by my table and mention you're a fan or you're just from NG, and I'll hook ya up with a sticker or something.

#canvasbychris at megacon




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2016-08-19 06:39:48

I live in Atlanta, but saddly I cannot go this year :(


2016-08-19 15:05:25

looks nice!


2016-08-20 05:49:58

I'll be there!


2016-10-18 22:57:28

Are you going to any other cons any time soon?

LiLg responds:

Not till next year. I'll be using the rest of the year to work on things.


2017-03-23 21:02:52

Are you going to the Louisiana comic con in April?

LiLg responds:

Yep. I'll be there.