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Get an original spray painted canvas (indiegogo)

2015-06-30 15:38:17 by LiLg

Click here to get an original spray painted canvas (indiegogo)

I just set up an Indiegogo project.  If you are interested in getting a painting done, go check out the project and select one of the many perks!

Here are a bunch of past designs I've done on canvas:




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2015-07-01 01:12:02

Holy crap doz Nightmare prints <3


2015-07-01 13:34:53

I want the Deadpool one badly.

LiLg responds:

I do have prints of the deadpool one. Here: http://canvasbychris.storenvy.com/products/8636763-deadpool-poster-print


2015-07-01 13:46:45

I have no room, haha. They're great though.


2015-07-07 15:01:01

You should do some Transformers or Doctor Who (4th would make a particularly great canvas).