Entry #160

Looking for a background artist

2015-06-02 10:39:13 by LiLg

Calling all artist.

I'm looking for a background artist for our cut scenes in my upcoming game called "Reincarnation:  The Root of All Evil".  We just got Steam greenlit and could use some help getting the game out faster.  If you are an experienced background artist and would like to apply, send me a PM with some of your work and we'll talk details.

Applicants must have:

  • attention to detail
  • a portfolio of previous work
  • speak english



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2015-06-02 12:02:48

Greenlit on Steam or what?

LiLg responds:

Yep. I'll add Steam.


2015-06-02 19:38:31

Can I substitute being really good at speaking English for attention to detal and a "protfolio"?

LiLg responds:

ha yeah


2015-06-03 15:12:34

Congrats on getting greenlit man! Hope it all works out!