Entry #158

Steam Greenlight Reincarnation

2015-04-27 15:30:09 by LiLg

Hey there! 

We just launched our Steam Grenlight and would love some help getting the word out!  Any suggestions or anything would be wonderful!

Help us spread the word!

Would love some upvotes :)



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2015-04-27 15:51:01

You might actually trick me into getting Steam.
Will a regular laptop or computer support it? I don't want anything to break (yes I have 0 experience).

LiLg responds:

Ha. I know just as much as you about Steam.

It shouldn't hurt your PC tho :)


2015-04-27 18:19:17

Upvoted and added to the NG Greenlight collection!

LiLg responds:

Appreciate the love, Tom.


2015-04-27 23:07:49

I'm always happy to see more NG work going to Steam! If you need some help getting support for the Greenlight, I'd suggest emulating some of what Swain & Krinks did with their game: put together a small, dedicated team of fans to handle some of the PR & marketing for you. It's impressive what a few fans can get done when they get organized and go to work.

LiLg responds:

I always love help. If you are willing to help. I wouldn't say no :)


2015-04-28 00:13:52

You shouldn't have a problem getting greenlit, so good luck finishing. What % completion is the game at now?

LiLg responds:

ch 1 is about 75% complete


2015-04-28 09:09:51

Cool, maybe I should get into the series again (iirc i missed some of the latest minis)


2015-04-28 13:05:02

Well, you've convinced me.
Part of my summer job's money will go to this game (I'll save it).
I'll have to buy it right? Unfamiliar with Steam's workings.
How does it feel to make such a big project? I assume Vile is pretty much your baby.
Putting heart and soul into a project and seeing it pay off must feel amazing.