Entry #157

MegaCon + Reincarnation

2015-03-25 18:10:48 by LiLg

I'll be at Megacon in Orlando, FL on April 10-12.  Come stop by my booth and say hi!

I'll have paintings and prints available, and I would love to talk to some fellow NGers in that area.

As for Reincarnation, the series is back in full swing this year.  We'll be working to get the game out this year!  I'm so excited about this.  It's been far too long since a game has been released!  We are currently doing a dev blog about it here.


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2015-03-25 19:39:30

YES! I've missed the Reincarnation series. Finally, that little devil gets back on screen... Not that he was ever really gone.


2015-04-26 20:04:16

yay more reincarnation.