Entry #156

Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans

2015-01-07 16:26:42 by LiLg

I'll be at the New Orleans Comic Con on Jan, 9-11, 2015.  My booth is A44.  If ya in the area, come stop by!



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2015-01-07 20:44:54

I should be there.

LiLg responds:

Awesome! Come stop by!


2015-01-08 04:10:48

If you should see Ben Passmore down there http://undernation.newgrounds.com/ tell him to get his ass back online, and start submitting again, I made a sizable donation towards his craft 2-3 months ago... hope you have a great time, and meet other NG cultists while there!


2015-03-18 14:00:58

Did the Reincarnation series get cancelled or something?

LiLg responds:

No. it's very much in the works


2015-03-18 15:24:58

I'm glad.
Reincarnation was one of the first games I played as a little kid on NG.
(Little meaning 13 or something like that)