Entry #142

Got an Android phone or tablet?

2013-10-07 00:12:51 by LiLg

Please go check out my new game from Vile Media called Terrible Teeth!

Please Rate and Review it after you play! We are slowly moving up on the charts for when searching for TEETH on Google Play.

If you love platform and runner games, this is the game for you.


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2013-10-07 00:33:08

Any chance of an iOS port?

LiLg responds:

Working on it. Hoping to have something in November.


2013-10-07 01:07:51

Funny, I remember actually signing up to beta test this game. But the email was filtered into my spam folder, so I never got the key on time. Sheit! But, I downloaded the game & played it a whole bunch. Really enjoyed it. Even gave it a rating & recommeded it to a couple friends forya.

LiLg responds:

You're the best! Sorry about the BETA!


2013-10-07 03:00:59

Really liked art and animation in game. I'd like to play it when it will be released on iOS.


2013-10-07 04:11:57

Played it and liked it! Got frustrated though, when I noticed I couldn't really buy myself anything useful from the shop without paying real money. That's where the game got too repetitive and unrewarding to me. But don't get me wrong, the idea was brilliant and the execution was great too.