Entry #127

The Final Hours

2013-01-24 08:37:16 by LiLg



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2013-01-24 09:29:12

It would've been great to have a sort of voice chip on the cap that said "EVIL" when you pressed a button.

But we can't have everything can we?

LiLg responds:

I'm actually adding a voice chip to mine when it comes in.


2013-01-24 10:19:25

looking forward to receiving mine :D

LiLg responds:

Looking forward to sending it.


2013-01-24 11:02:31

you already passed your goal, give some back, don't need all that

LiLg responds:

I'm greedy.


2013-01-24 15:43:11

son of a !@#$%!!!!!!!! how did i miss this? :( i really want one of those hats now D:

LiLg responds:

You can still get one at indiegogo. Message me for the link or look at one of my older post for the link.


2013-01-24 20:54:56

I feel sorry for you only made more than 3x what you wanted


2013-01-25 15:30:31

i wish i had money.