Entry #126

One week left + 2013 plans

2013-01-15 20:47:44 by LiLg

Well, there is only one week left to pre-order your snow cap on Kickstarter.com. Pre-order it now for next winter!

Ok. On to the real diary entry... My plans for 2013 are to finish my Reincarnation game. That's my main goal, but I also want to finish a mobile game I've been working on for a while.

I don't think I'll be releasing anymore Flash games for a while. Maybe one and a demo this year. My main focus is going to be moving over to mobile gaming. Flash just doesn't have the audience that it use to since it can't be played very well on mobile devices. It's a shame because Flash is my baby :(

Anyway, go buy a hat and look out for my games this year.


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2013-01-15 22:50:18

It's a real shame what the situation with flash and mobile devices are - what are you planning on developing your future games on?


2013-01-16 13:10:04

I have a bit of disdain towards that mobile crap for reasons that were explained years ago:


2013-01-20 16:09:20

Ffffft. :(

I love your games. They're really funny and entertaining. They're especially fun for me, since I cannot afford a cell-phone. [Yay broke-edness. </3] So, in moments where I want to relax, your games are some of the best. ._. So GAH! D:

--Nuzzles my demon-doll-- T^T

LiLg responds:

Thank you very much! That made my night. :)


2013-01-21 02:37:23

Hello,I've played your games before they were quite interesting and you know I think it was the most funniest games i had seen in my entire life thanks for the entertainment your a very talented person don't give in i know i'm not into mobile games but you know mate all your work is appericated by fans


2013-01-21 02:40:21

all that matters.


2013-01-21 02:40:24

all that matters.


2013-01-21 02:40:42

whoops sorry lilg i posted twice