Entry #124

I wish 2012 was a man so I could kick it in the balls.

2012-12-28 22:34:11 by LiLg

I can't wait for this year to be over. Just seemed like a bad year in general. Hope 2013 is much better!

In the mean time, go get a Vile Hat at kickstarter or indiegogo.com

They are going to be perfect for 2013 Halloween! Once i get them in, I'll be holding a contest on Newgrounds to get one.

Also, facebook ads seem to suck. I've tried running two different type of ads and they both don't bring in that many clicks. Out of 18,000 reached, only 14 clicked. Anyone know a better way to advertised?

I wish 2012 was a man so I could kick it in the balls.


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2012-12-28 22:37:52

I agree, 2012 for the most part really sucked for me. Let's hope for the better next year.


2012-12-28 22:44:58

I still can't get over the fact that I survived that apocalypse. The chocolate milk is on me!


2012-12-28 22:47:21

I concur, this has to be the worst year for NG and the world so far.


2012-12-28 23:00:50

2012- A year of meh


2012-12-29 00:22:17

I have to agree. 2012 pretty much sucked all the way around, for reasons I don't think I should get into here.


2012-12-29 01:13:26

2012 was at least a great year for games!
Wish you the best luck!


2012-12-29 02:23:41

I am a man, and I never did anything to you asshole...

LiLg responds:



2012-12-29 05:32:34

if you don't already use it Google has some popular advertising advertising programs though i here there decency policy's or whatever you want to call them are pretty stifiling


2012-12-29 05:33:17

sorry there should have only been one advertising there


2012-12-29 06:42:48

I wish 2012 was a woman so I could make love to it.

Well, I guess it doesn't HAVE to be a woman for that.


2012-12-29 08:27:20

lol a guy is actually named 2012:)))


2012-12-29 11:49:40

but you got your game funded in 2012. so no. it doesn't suck :3

LiLg responds:

Ha yeah. that was one of the good things. it wasn't fully bad. Just the bad outweighed the good.


2012-12-29 14:36:50

i feel ya. looks like nobody had a totally great year, but hey, we got the seeds to plant a better year. i'm expecting good things from that game of yours! (proud supporter)


2012-12-30 03:03:52



2012-12-30 19:31:08

I offered some free advertisement before but you never responded. ON second thought not really sure what I wrote.. offer still stands. It's not much but it'll help (youtube, livestreams ect)

LiLg responds:

i'd love all the help i could get.


2012-12-30 20:05:19

Yeah I had all the fuckin bad luck this month especially! I'd kick it also in the balls.


2012-12-31 02:39:06

" Anyone know a better way to advertised?"
Yeah, your games.


2012-12-31 09:59:07

We should give our ad API an option to upload and run your own ad in the space, so you could try promoting hats in there and see what happens. Or run it as some alternative ad space.

I'm hoping 2012 will be looked back on as the bottom and everything will gradually improve from here, for both NG and the world. HOPING

LiLg responds:

That would be super cool.