Entry #123


2012-12-21 12:35:18 by LiLg

People are really digging the Vile Snow caps at kickstarter. We hit our goal in under a week and still have like 30 days left. Right now we are pretty elite at $1337.

Keep the pledges coming if you want one. Once I order these caps, that's it.

You can also get through paypal at: http://www.indiegogo.com/demonsnowcaps

Also, here is a picture of my screen while I'm working on TROAE.



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2012-12-21 15:18:27

good luck and remeber drink all the engerydrinks! you need it


2012-12-21 18:58:39

How many kickstarters did you organize by now? It's like you own the site :p


2012-12-22 00:59:06

The "Count on Andy" (blue monkey) in the bg of your kickstarter video! <3! (And, of course, congrats on your successful campaign!)

LiLg responds:

ha. didn't know it had a name! that's so cool!