Entry #114

New Game + Cheap T-shirts!

2012-09-14 09:19:24 by LiLg

Two quick orders of buisness:

1.) New game. Play it. It's fun. +You get free movie/game assets in it.

2.) I'm back on the train... I've kickstarted again. Got cheap shirts for sale at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1878730846/n ature-is-a-jerk-season-1-shirts
One for $12 or 4 for $40. BARGAINS!!!


ok three. I mean, 3.)
My brother has a kickstarter for a comic he's working on. It's neat. I'm doing the inking for it.
http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2034306611/p unch-issue-1

Ok. Seriously, that is it. GOOO GOO Go.


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2012-09-14 09:23:09

Are those T-shirts 100% cotton? If yes, I'm maybe going to buy one.

LiLg responds:

That's a big 10-4. (Yes)


2012-09-14 20:17:13

well, here is all i can offer *tickles your pickle* hope you're satisfied.