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Game Sponsorship. I miss the good ole days.

2012-07-23 12:39:58 by LiLg

About 1 to two years ago, it was so much easier to get a sponsorship for games. Now, it seems to be very difficult. Or, that is at least what I've been experiencing. I've had my latest game up on FGL.com for about a month now with no luck of finding the right sponsor yet. The latest person to want to sponsor it said that they wanted to be able to upload to Newgrounds. There is no way I'd let a sponsor upload to any of the portals. Especially not Newgrounds.

Also, while I'm venting... I've applied for several jobs over the last few weeks and they all say "not enough work experience." I've worked for myself for the last 3 years. So, I'm not sure how that doesn't count. These companies don't know what they want. How am I suppose to get any "real work experience" if no one is hiring without it!? Excuse me while I go punch a wall.


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2012-07-23 12:46:04

I was curious, why do you not want your games uploaded to portals?

LiLg responds:

I don't want them uploaded by the sponsor. t's a good feeling to uad your own work.


2012-07-23 12:53:48

Work Experience generally means Studio work experience, either in house or remote. You might have to bite the bullet and get a internship if you can't find anything.


2012-07-23 12:56:37

Ditto. My game's been up for two weeks. That's totally not as long but me wantee money.


2012-07-23 13:28:31

Those people are rubbish. Psychopaths. They don't give talented men (and women) even a chance to try! Excuse me now, I'm going to punch the wall too.


2012-07-23 13:29:05

All the money right now is in mobile or Facebook, so try to look into one of those.


2012-07-23 13:31:40

dude i feel ya on the "work experience thing" ...sucks out there man...for real.


2012-07-23 13:39:35

Arent most people just making kickstarters these days?

LiLg responds:

Done and done. I should just do like a kickstarter a month.


2012-07-23 14:08:56

Oh okay, I understand, thank you for explaining that to me Lilg!


2012-07-23 14:13:21

I used to love making flash games, but they don't make enough income to keep doing them forever. Its why I stopped and switched over to making animations. I'm hoping to get back into game design within a year or so when I have enough funds to make one.

Flash game industry sucks.


2012-07-23 16:53:06

I have to agree with you. In the past year, the standard for sponsorable games has increased so much that it's especially hard to keep up with the competition. The budget for creating sponsorable games has increased a lot in the past few years. And that means you have to spend more money to have a shot. And for those who can't increase their budget or put more work into polishing the game, that usually means no sponsorship.

And even sometimes with the proper budget and polish, a game wont get sponsored. Revert to Growth 2 didn't find a traditional sponsor even after two months, so I went with a performance sponsorship from Kongregate. After all was said and done, my costs were taken care of, but that only left me with something like $300 for 4 months of work.

Back when I started developing flash games back in 2008, I could get away with doing my own art and using music off the NG audio portal and still get my games sponsored. Nowadays, if I don't commission an artist and a musician to do custom stuff for my games, I get much less money for them, if I could even sell them at all.

If you let me know your FGL username, I can get on and see if I can give you any pointers to make your game more sellable. Good luck with the sponsorship.


2012-07-23 18:08:04

Well, once you get to your 40s and DO have enough work experience they won't take you either 'cause then you're too old. This is so ridiculous.

Maybe you just didn't stand out too much, though. Maybe you should just drop your pants and show them what you've got. That'll change their minds for sure.


2012-07-23 20:18:22

Is it point and click like most of your games? Maybe try a different genre. Your art is swell for games, but perhaps its time for something new in terms of gameplay.

LiLg responds:

Yeah. I'm always nervous to go down a different route, but times are tough so maybe it's time to take that gamble


2012-07-23 21:54:40

I've had multiple games go onto flg to get sponsored then just get buried by bullshit. When I started getting sponsored 4 years ago, I was making tons of moneys for relatively shitty games. It sucks, but hey. Maybe it's a sign that we have to abandon flash and head into iphone/download games.


2012-07-23 23:08:19

Company: "We're only accepting applicants with previous work experience."

Me: "Everybody tells me that. How am I ever supposed to GET experience if I can't be hired without it?!"

Company: "Thems the breaks kid. Have a nice life."


2012-07-23 23:27:48

Well.. i think you had to have to have seen the sponsorship well drying up at some point. Advertising in general is down across the web and the amount of GARBAGE that has been sponsored in the past for many years, it was only a matter of time before the scene got saturated. I think people are becoming more resourceful and moving into steam and mobile persuits, i think you have to be agile and perceptive of the changing trends and flows of the scene. It will probably take work and relearning some stuff. I think people like i-smelly and stuff have the right idea in recognizing where things are going and pushing yourself to stay ahead of the edge.

LiLg responds:

Yeah. I have a few games in development for other platforms, but I still miss the good ole flash days.


2012-07-23 23:39:15

is the wall okay?

LiLg responds:

Wall = Dead.


2012-07-24 01:13:34

Companies know what they want, they just don't know what they need.


2012-07-24 01:56:40

Don't despair, man, your games are awesome. I guess you applied in something unrelated to game development?


2012-07-24 04:58:24

Hard luck man. good luck in future endeavors. You must never give up!


2012-07-24 05:38:13

Bro, chin up.

You're a great artist and work will come, I BELIEVE IN YOU.


2012-07-24 06:14:00

Screw them. You know what youre capable of.

The 'not enough work experience' is a weak excuse.
It's the same thing as trying to get in a bar every weekend and the bouncer tells you every time that only regular customers are allowed. How are you supposed to be that if you can't get in every time.


2012-07-24 13:27:29

Ya, in general I've realized that sponsorship is not a strong business model all by itself.

You're in the weaker position as far as negotiating goes, as you've already invested the time (and possibly money) and are therefore already in debt with the project, only now hoping for someone to toss money your way. The amount of money out there settles somewhere not too much higher than what a desperate developer would reluctantly have to accept, except in cases where a game really shines and possibly gets a good bidding war going. FGL has really helped bring up sponsorship amounts, but unless you're living with your parents still, it's hard to make enough to cover expenses reliably (game after game).

It's also a risk trying to sell directly to consumers, but the difference there is that the ceiling is much higher with the number of people in the world, so the potential high-end earnings are at least proportional to the risk you take making a game and then trying to sell it.

Sponsorships are great for new developers as you can make more than selling 100 copies for $5, and it's also a great way to make a bit of money to test out a new game concept, so it's still an awesome thing. However for us, what's really helped the most is contract work, and our first pay to play game has exceeded all sponsorships we've gotten so far (though took us a lot longer too).

Good luck getting things figured out.

- Steve Castro


2012-07-24 14:05:09

I got mentioned in a comment, GRAHARHARHARHAR!!!!

Yeah, sponsorships have started sucking since about early 2011 and I'm glad I don't do it any more. Mostly cos I don't have to keep up with people completely milking FGL and that horrible what's-trending-this-month community. Which-- I understand iOS device games are just as gross with that.
Also I don't have to use some idiot's miserable splash screen n logo for Crazy Kiwi Lol Random Games Ninja Free Game Site dot com.

I dunno man! I don't like Reincarnation, or adventure games, and that's your whole thing- so I've not bin paying attention for like the passed 5 years. I think starting with a seperate idea every time has definately helped me get better and expand into things I have no business being good at.
Realistically I don't have much to add except YEP! I think I wrote this exact news post a while ago!

Try teaming up with the other people who make adventure games and can't get anywhere. Cos yo I bet the guys making Detective Grimoire right now thought the exact same thing you did.


2012-07-24 14:34:30

I supplement by holding a cardboard sign out in front of Safeway. Please don't tell anyone that I'm not really a veteran.


2012-07-24 14:56:05

This ClickShake fella sounds like a smart guy, I'd mostly listen to him.


2012-07-24 17:02:28

hey man i couldn't find a sponsor for my game for 3 months. had lots of interest but mostly from sites that can't afford a good game.. thankfully Tom and Newgrounds sponsored my game yay:) but the times are tough!


2012-07-24 19:58:13

I can preach for you on that last notion. How are people supposed to get experience if no one is offering anyone a chance?!


2012-07-26 01:29:28

I never got a chance to make a sponsered flash game, damn.