Entry #166

15 years today. Also, Looking for Unity Dev.

2018-02-25 15:12:43 by LiLg

I just realized I've been on newgrounds for 15 years today.  I just happened to log on after being away for a while and saw that today was my sign up date.  

Recently, I've been working on a little webcomic strip for my series Reincarnation which you can follow on my instagram account or on my facebook page.


Also, if anyone is interested in collabing on a game with me, hit me up.  I've been itching to get a new game out.  I'm looking for an experienced game devolper.  Preferrably workin in Unity.  If you know anyone, please send them my way.

I have a on of the assets done already for the game.  I just need soeone to program it :)



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2018-02-25 16:25:30

Nice dude!


2018-02-25 20:03:38

this place use to be better now we have to support this dam place and shit is locked away from you if you don,t support


2018-02-26 19:14:29

Happy Birthday then. glad you are still around


2018-02-27 07:54:20

15 years on NG... how have I not heard about you before today?! :O Or... username change earlier? Maybe my memory's just way too short-term hmm... it's just not possible I've never seen any of your stuff before, seeing how much there is of it. Congrats, anyway! Impressive time!

I'm looking for a game dev too hmm, if any surplus devs happen to read this comment. ;)

Also ever heard of: https://youtu.be/xO6tT0B0gyA


2018-02-27 10:14:58

idk if the school Brother Martin means anything to you but I saw you lived in metarie i used to live there too

LiLg responds:

Ha yea. I have some buddies that went to brother martin.