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Entry #127

The Final Hours

1/24/13 by LiLg



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i wish i had money.

I feel sorry for you only made more than 3x what you wanted

son of a !@#$%!!!!!!!! how did i miss this? :( i really want one of those hats now D:

1/24/13 LiLg responds:

You can still get one at indiegogo. Message me for the link or look at one of my older post for the link.

you already passed your goal, give some back, don't need all that

1/24/13 LiLg responds:

I'm greedy.



looking forward to receiving mine :D

1/24/13 LiLg responds:

Looking forward to sending it.

It would've been great to have a sort of voice chip on the cap that said "EVIL" when you pressed a button.

But we can't have everything can we?

1/24/13 LiLg responds:

I'm actually adding a voice chip to mine when it comes in.